ANSIC offers a range of physical services including crowd control, static guards, mobile patrols across a number of industries including mining, construction, retail, residential, entertainment and sports.


As a recognized security training provider, you can be assured that all our people are highly trained, skilled, experienced and focused on delivering you the best professional security service every time.

Security Personnel

Crowd Control

Do you need Crowd Controllers at your Venue or next big event?

Our highly skilled and professional Security Personnel will add more value to your current client needs.

Are you looking for a Corporate Concierge, University lock up and patrols or do you just need someone to watch your equipment?

We have you covered.

Static Guarding

Looking for a Guardhouse Professional? We pride ourselves on our compliance and forethought when maintaining a safe and secure premise. Ask us about our Drug and Alcohol Testing capabilities too.

We provide the right team or individual for your specific needs. Our proven systems and risk assessments ensure we always maintain professionalism and safety. Recognized Global capabilities in both Domestic and Hostile Environments. ANSIC maintains the highest level of performance despite hazardous and problematic areas of operation.

Close Personnel

Security Providers Act 1993 Security Firm (Class 1 and 2)

Licence number 3417266

National Security Association of Australia (QLD) Incorporated Member certificate numbers C4847

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