Our detailed risk management assessments are aligned with strategic risk management plans that we implement in consultation with our clients and key stake holders to facilitate the highest level of unobtrusive security.

Risk Management

Government, Corporate, Military & Private Risk Analysis & Workplace Safety Assessments

Our respective team have worked around the world in high risk areas including war zones and areas of hostile conflict.  We provide thorough and detailed risk management strategies and plans to ensure that our clients can operate their core business unhindered and in a safe environment. 

Counter Terrorism Consulting, Awareness Training & Risk Management Strategies

In Australia the threat of terrorism remains at the PROBABLE level which can currently be observed on the national threat advisory system; as dictated by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). Individuals and groups pose an ongoing threat and continue to display the intent and capability to carry out attacks across Australia. 

The ANSIC team has a broad range of experience in these fields and while complying with ANZCTC guidelines; will conduct:

  • Full threat and risk assessment on your venue

  • Educate the client in relation to their legal obligations required for compliance

  • Provide enhanced credibility of the client’s company and public places

  • Reduce the liability for the client if an insured party fails to comply with the guidelines

ANSIC specialists pass on detailed training to clients in relation to individual actions and decision making in the event of a terrorist attack to ensure maximum prevention of the loss of life, working with first responders and aiding in the prosecution of the threat.

Security Providers Act 1993 Security Firm (Class 1 and 2)

Licence number 3417266

National Security Association of Australia (QLD) Incorporated Member certificate numbers C4847

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