ANSIC is a government licensed, highly efficient and cost effective professional private investigation company which provides a timely and accurate global solution for our clients. 

We currently work with the largest insurance companies and insurance assessors in Australia as well as government agencies and corporate entities to produce timely and accurate factual investigative reports which enable our client to minimize their risk and liability.



ANSIC are considered among the most highly qualified and experienced security firms in the Investigations sector. Our Team has over 30 years of Criminal and Civil Investigations experience brought about by their time in the Queensland Police Service as a Detective and diligent service in the security sectors.

Workplaces are becoming more litigious than ever. It is important to reduce your liability via the engagement of experienced and professional investigators.  We have experience in all types of workplace incidents including (but not limited to): bullying, sexual misconduct, theft/fraud, corruption, accident and injury. 

Workplace Incidents
Insurance Claims

ANSIC works with the largest insurance companies, assessors, government agencies and corporate entities in Australia to produce timely, accurate and factual investigative reports which assist our clients in minimising their risk and liability. Insurance fraud is on the rise, are you on top of it?

Engaged by National and International agencies and corporations to assist, identify and action findings pertaining to Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

AML, CTF & FCPA Operations

ANSIC has a number of qualified and experienced (including Law Enforcement trained) surveillance operatives capable of performing the most difficult of tasks to assist your investigation.  We utilise a combination of stationary and mobile covert surveillance techniques as well as some of the smartest surveillance equipment available to ensure the best result for our clients.

ANSIC have GPS tracking devices available for hire, the perfect solutions for short or long term protection of your assets.

The trackers available are easy to install and remove with no hard wiring required. and can be monitored live or replayed when ever required.

Hired devices are ideal for but not limited to:

  • Transportation of valuable goods

  • Tracking Individual Movements

  • Expensive personal equipment

  • Hired containers, Automotive Equipment ,Building Tools & equipment

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Tracking reports.

GPS Tracking

Security Providers Act 1993 Security Firm (Class 1 and 2)

Licence number 3417266

National Security Association of Australia (QLD) Incorporated Member certificate numbers C4847

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