Introduction to Tactical Shooting

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To further educate students on the basis of shooting from a very basic to a more advanced level utilising rifles and handguns.

Shooters will concentrate on bore sighting, zeroing a rifle, shooting at distances, shooting from different positions, snap and deliberate shooting with a rifle, demonstrate the use of various styles of optics and the effective maintenance of the rifle.

Shooters will be taught effective pistol handling and control, holster and draw of a pistol, quick target engagement, sharp handling drills, shooting at distances from various positions utilising cover and effective maintenance of a handgun.

Under the instruction of our specialists with a combined 60 years in the military, policing and security industry; student shooters will be mentored and coached through several serials on each firearm platform. This is to ensure the shooter comes away from the tactical shooting package with a firm grasp of the detailed content which is delivered.

The purpose of the tactical shooting package is not to turn the shooter into a special forces operative, but to educate them on the effective use and execution of their firearm systems to use them in the field or on the range to the best of their potential.


Classroom + range shoot Hours vary depending on catagories completing 5-8 hours


$210 Fees include all assessments and resources required

Security Providers Act 1993 Security Firm (Class 1 and 2)

Licence number 3417266

National Security Association of Australia (QLD) Incorporated Member certificate numbers C4847

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